What is RoboDrive & How it Works

Robodrive is the way forward in learning to drive.

"The Robodrive system enables you to learn the basics of driving at home without a car.

The robodriveapp consists of short video clips showing physical routines for you to practice at home that will prepare you for your driving lessons, eliminate nerves, help you progress and support you whilst you are learning.

This will reduce the time it takes to learn to drive, give you additional confidence when it comes to taking your test and save you lots of money."   guaranteed!


How Robodrive can help you

Choosing an instructor

Three Questions To Ask

1. When can I pass my test?

You will hear answers like these:
“Within 6 months”
“All depends on your age”
“I can’t say until I see you drive”
“Well on average.......................”

With Robodrive you can set your own timetable, if you want to pass your test in a month then you can.
With Robodrive your age (and gender) make no difference.
With Robodrive everyone learns at the same pace so long as you practice.
With Robodrive averages are irrelevant.

2. What will you guarantee that I will be able to do in my first two hour lesson?

You will hear answers like these:
“You will learn the controls of the car, how to start and stop, how to change gear from first to fourth and from fourth to first and next time you will be able to sit in the driving seat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“I will call at your home and I will talk you through what we will do in the car next time.”

“You will spend the first two hours in a car park and may go on the road in the second lesson, it all depends!!!!”

When I teach Robodrive in the first two hours my pupils are in the driving seat. I guarantee that they will learn the controls of the car, how to start and stop the car in a way that makes it impossible to stall, how to change gear from first to fourth and from fourth to first, how and when to steer, you will negotiate junctions and roundabouts and drive themselves home to wherever they live. Read my testimonials.

3. What length of lesson do you advise?

You will hear answers like these:
“One hour lessons are cheaper for you.”
“You can’t concentrate for more than an hour.”
“The most is two hours because you will get tired.”

If the instructor is not trying to rip you off then the answer is a minimum of two hours but four or even six could be better.
Many instructors will advise an hour because it’s “cheaper” for you but in reality the first 20 minutes of the lesson is spent getting used to the car, the next 20 minutes are spent going over what you did last time and you will only learn something new in the last 20 minutes. In a two hour lesson there will be 80 minutes for new tuition. So, two separate one hour lessons give 40 minutes of new tuition whilst one two hour lesson gives twice as much time for new tuition but costs exactly the same amount of money.
Longer lessons mean you will learn more quickly costing you less in the end.

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The Background

I have been teaching people to drive for the past thirteen years. During that time I have been fortunate enough to teach individuals from all over the world and from a variety of backgrounds, including forces personnel, doctors, nurses and the unemployed, from all ethnic backgrounds and from religious persuasions.

People ranging in age from 17yrs to 80yrs old have passed through my hands in my capacity as a driving instructor; from the nervous & shy 17yr old girl to the 17yr old boy racer who knows everything; individuals in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s who have been learning to drive longer than they care to remember and who have wasted a fortune in lessons and failed tests over the years for what ever reason.

To the 80 year old great grandparent who wants to be re-assured they are still able and competent enough to be out on the road driving their own vehicle. People who have recently for whatever reason, arrived in this country with poor English skills - you name it and I have seen and taught them all.

This has given me a tremendously rich mixture of pupils from which to draw my experiences and conclusions from and which prompted me to write this book in the first place.

When I first started out in this profession I had a Franchise with a company that specialised in Intensive Driving Courses over a five day period; comprising of 5 hours of tuition every day from Monday to Friday followed by their test booked for the last test time on the Friday after their lessons.

As you can imagine the fee / cost for this one week of intensive lessons followed by a test is a large amount of money to have to pay in one go, so in order to attract customers, the ‘PASS’ rate has to be above the national average (currently 44% per 30 tests taken as published by the Driving Standards Agency).

So in order to maintain a high standard of pass rate, I had to think of a way to make tuition pretty easy and simple to understand; as I was faced with individuals of varying abilities, races ages and many with nervous dispositions or bad experiences of driving a car which they had to overcome before being successful and passing their test.

During my time with this Company I was very successful and achieved a Pass Rate of 78% (out of total tests taken by MY pupils on intensive driving courses - the National Pass Rate as published by the Driving Standards Agency is just 44%). This company ALSO taught individuals how to become DRIVING INSTRUCTORS and the driving system or method of teaching I learned there greatly influenced me on developing and using the robodrive teaching technique.

Without a shadow of a doubt this robodrive style of driving has helped and continues to help people from all over the world pass their test and go onto becoming safe and competent drivers.


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