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5. Use the Robodrive System and pass your test quicker.

6. Remember there is a 100% money back guarantee.( use the videos for 7 days using your own personal code if you are not satisfied ask for a refund after you are refunded the code will be cancelled )

So you have nothing to lose no risk.         


     video course ONLY £30

That teaches you 75% of the elements of the driving test

  With a 100% money back guarantee

NOW downloaded in 18 countries


 USA,SA,China,Aus,India,Ire,Can,Spain.Iseral,United Arab,

Portugal,France,Venezuala,uk,Pakistan,Germany,Japan,New Zealand



You can learn to drive...guaranteed!

Robodrive is the way forward in learning to drive.

driving lessons prices

Instructors Lesson prices can be anything from less than £10 an hour to £28 an hour

Instead of asking how much are driving lessons the Question should be when can I pass my test

Don't pay an instructor to practice in their car

Don't pay an instructor to practice in their car


without the robodriveapp

Driving instructor gives you a lesson in the car you pay him ,go home, you go back for the next lesson and pay the instructor to practice in the car the lesson you had last week, paying the instructor again for the same lesson and this goes on untill you can do the lesson without any help from your instructor.  (costing you loads of money)

with the robodriveapp

Driving instructor gives you a lesson in the car you pay him, go home and practice the lesson in the house using the robodriveapp go back for the next  lesson within 20min you would be able to do the lesson without any help from your instructor because you have practiced all week in the house.  (saving you loads of money)

my pupils say it's a no brainer 




Evening post (thursday 17th september 2015)

  App can put learners on right road

                       A Driving instructor has created an innovative way for learners to master the road-using their mobile phones.

Tony Allen created the Robodrive app earlier this year after recognising how expensive and time-consuming learning to drive can be.

He decided to design something to help people learn to drive at a lower cost and at a faster pace.

Robodrive, which can be downloaded free on iphone and Android devices, enables people to learn the basics of driving at home without a car.

The app consists of 19 short video clips which show physical routines to practice at home which will prepare the user for their driving lessons.

It was previously an online course, before Tony decided to take it mobile.

Speaking of his motivation to create the app,Tony said; "We would go and speak to young drivers and, obviously, when we asked who wanted to learn to drive, they all put their hands up.

"But when we asked if their parents had the money to pay for their lessons, only a few put their hands up. So, I decided to create the app to cut costs.

"The app mostly works on muscle memory. If you practice doing an action you would do while driving, like changing gears, for 10 minutes,your muscles remember it when you are next in the car.

"A lot of people do not have access to a car outside of their lessons when they are learning to drive, so this allows them to practice what they have learned outside their lessons, meaning they will progress faster.

"The videos prepare learner drivers for their lessons, help to eliminate nerves and give them additional confidence when it comes to taking their test.

"It's also guaranteed to save them a lot of money.

"It's a small fee for each video, but that's a small price to pay in comparison to the cost of hour-long driving lessons,"

Tony, of Baglan, says he sees the app as part of the future for teaching peopleto drive.

He said; "This app is the new way to learn and teach yourself to drive. It's the future of learning to drive."  


This will reduce the time it takes to learn to drive, give you additional confidence when it comes to taking your test and save you lots of money.   guaranteed!


After a pupil uses the Robodrive system it enables me as a driving instructor to guarantee that  : within your first two hours in the car you will experience all the points below.                                                                                     

  •  Learn to start and stop the car (in a way that makes it impossible to stall the car)
  •  Change gear from 1st - 4th and 4th - 1st
  •  Learn how and when to steer
  •  Negotiate Junctions and Roundabouts
  •  Drive at 60 or 70mph (if they want too)
  •  Drive yourself home (never mind where you live)
  •                                                                                                                     Free Lesson Advert                                

If you can't do that your next two hour session will be free!

"This is a new way to teach yourself to drive".

Comments from pupils

  1. These are selection  of  FIVE STAR  reviews from



    Just had my first lesson, and to say it was brilliant is an understatement. I felt so relaxed in the car and I felt like I had been driving for ages. The Robodrive system is brilliant. And I would definitely recommend Robodrive to anybody who is going to start learning to drive.
    The best around!
    So I've just passed my driving test after learning to drive with Tony Allen and I've got to say he's the best instructor i've ever had. After being ripped off by other instructors, spending ridiculous amounts of money and not learning a thing I gave up on driving for three years. I had to redo my thoery and learn all over again because I was taught in a incorrect manner which didn't sink in. However the robo drive way allowed me to kick all the bad habits taught to me by previous instructors and learn with a fresh slate and I can't thank Tony enough for removing my fear of the road and driving and showing me that anybody has the ability to drive! I can't thank Tony enough and I hate to admit that I wasted so much time and money with previous instructors only interested in making quick cash for very little work, where as Tony at Robo drive genuinely wants and enjoys teaching people the right way with no selfish means, he is a genuine star and the best instructor anyone could wish for!


    I'm a university student from London and I have taken many driving lessons from another instructor. When I came to university I had to look for another instructor so I initially chose Robodrive because of its amazing reviews on this website. 

    Despite all the amazing reviews I still couldn't help think that "surely he couldn't be much different to any other instructor". 


    Most instructors would generally teach you at a slow pace to take as much money from you as possible. Not with Robodrive! 

    With Robodrive:

    - You learn 6-7 times faster!
    - A completely different approach to teaching which makes it literally impossible to fail.
    - Additional practice videos which allows you to programme your mind to learn how to drive in your own home!

    I am so glad I chose Robodrive and I highly recommend them to all ages


robodrive system was to learn and wished i had done this along time ago its quick and affordable and made me more confident the robodrive videos is a very good idea as i could learn from home as well as  my lessons ,if it werent for robodrive i dont think i would have passed its taken me 1 week to learn the robodrive system and i passed , thank you tony thanks for learning me the robodrive system .

  These are the comments from the five star reviews from my puoils                                                                                                                                                           

"the Robodrive system is so straight forward and ingenious. "

" with Robodrive I soon felt comfortable behind the wheel."

" Robodrive is the way forward in learning to drive."

"we can't praise the Robodrive system enough."

"the Robodrive drive system meant I was able to practise

at home at my own pace,"

"The beauty of Robodrive is you teach/train yourself to drive

at zero cost!"

"The Robodrive system is what you want,"

"The driving system, Robodrive, helped me gain the

confidence and knowledge to pass my test first time after

only a short time learning."

"The Robodrive system does not allow doubt to become

part of driving."

"lucky to have been taught the Robodrive system"

"I passed my driving test first time with the help of the

Robodrive System."

"I’m  sure if the robodrive system would be implemented to all learner drivers 

the roads would be safer."

So remember 

Instead of asking how much are driving lessons the question should be when can I pass my test

Normal teaching method
Instructor tells pupil what to do (using conscious mind driving). After so long Instructor prompts pupil what to do. After so long pupil does it themselves relying on their memory ....more

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