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These are the latest results of pupils using the Robodrive Driving System








     These are the latest  testimonials

         Christie Heaven  recommends Robodrive App.

27 April at 19:15 · 
It can be hard to believe that sitting on the end of your bed with a labelled paper plate and 15 videos can help you learn to drive. However, coupled with Tony’s experienced and honest teaching, the Robodrive way of learning helped me in a way that three previous instructors couldn’t.
I hadn’t had a lesson in three years, I was nervous and I thought myself a slow learner but after just one lesson with Tony, I realised that driving wasn’t a complicated puzzle and passing was possible. There is no doubt that practising with the app between lessons helped immensely, getting those driving routines set into the subconscious and not just to memory.
Thank you, Tony and Robodrive! I passed last week and cannot wait to take my new found freedom onto the open road.
Louise Smith recommends Robodrive App.
8 April at 19:41 · 
I’m 35 years of age I have tried learning to drive 3 times previously to this, but nothing ever stuck as I was extremely nervous and therefore couldn’t remember what I had done in my lessons before because of the sheer panic I would feel. I was giving up hope when I heard of Tony and Robo drive.
Robo drive teaches you to drive by giving you simple routines to follow, which can be practiced in the house to commit to muscle memory. (cannot stress enough they really do work).
Learning with Robo drive gave me the confidence I desperately craved to drive a car. As Tony would say its the same routine.
You probably think I’m mad for saying this but some of my favourite lessons were driving on icey roads- this nervous driver mind!!!
Tony is such a good teacher, so patient, I would highly recommend Learning with him and Robo Drive. It was the best decision I’ve ever made as it helped me overcome my fears and I passed my test!!!! (still can’t belive it!) I Cannot thank Tony enough as I now have the freedom and independence to go to work, take my children to school, football, dance etc all those things I would have to rely heavily on other people for. Thank you so much Tony!!!
Natalie Warren recommends Robodrive App.
30 October 2018 · 
Passed first time with Robodrive! Over the moon! I was an anxious learner but the routines work so well and the theory behind it is fault proof. Couldn’t have done it without the app and Tony, would definitely recommend, thank you!!
Rebecca Pearce recommends Robodrive App.
12 October 2018 · 
Great instructor! Has taught me a lot more in 3 lessons than I’ve learnt in 10 years. Highly recommend!
GreenClock95 09 Mar 2018
Learning with the robodrive app was very helpful as it taught me all the procedures of driving. Before even getting in the car. I had 2-hour lessons once a week and passed my test in just a few months. Amazing for learner drivers and I will highly recommend.
YellowWindow99 20 Feb 2018
I passed my test in 6 days (20 hours) using RoboDrive app. It is the fastest and most comprehensive way to learn.



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