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These are the latest results of pupils using the Robodrive Driving System






This is the latest 5*****  testimonial

These are the latest 5***** testimonials from yell.com


26 Sep 2016

Highly recommend

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Just had my second lesson with Tony. What we covered so far is far more beneficial and easier to grasp than it has been with the other lessons with another instructor. His way of teaching would benefit any kind of learner driver. I would highly recommend Robodrive to anyone.



27 Jul 2016

Great value!

I've just had my third lesson with Tony and it's amazing at all of the topics I've covered within the time. He's a great instructor and along with the Robodrive app, passing shouldn't be a problem. Great value for money!                                         


22 Jul 2016

1st lesson was great

Learnt how to Start, stop and turn approaching or emerging from a junction and drove from Baglan to Swansea on my first lesson, I'm looking forward to my next lesson. The videos to practice with at home are also very useful.




29 Jan 2016

The best around!

So I've just passed my driving test after learning to drive with Tony Allen and I've got to say he's the best instructor i've ever had. After being ripped off by other instructors, spending ridiculous amounts of money and not learning a thing I gave up on driving for three years. I had to redo my thoery and learn all over again because I was taught in a incorrect manner which didn't sink in. However the robo drive way allowed me to kick all the bad habits taught to me by previous instructors and learn with a fresh slate and I can't thank Tony enough for removing my fear of the road and driving and showing me that anybody has the ability to drive! I can't thank Tony enough and I hate to admit that I wasted so much time and money with previous instructors only interested in making quick cash for very little work, where as Tony at Robo drive genuinely wants and enjoys teaching people the right way with no selfish means, he is a genuine star and the best instructor anyone could wish for!x                               


13 jan 2016

Tony is well experienced and very good tutor. I recommend Robodrive. I have passed my test in first attempt. He will make you expert in driving.


 7 jan 2016

Brilliant Instructor

First time driving so I was very nervous, but Robodrive was very reassuring. My first lesson I learnt about the biting point, clutch, gears, observation, mirror, signal, position definitely not what i expected to be doing on my first lesson! I was driving on the main road, there was no need be nervous. Robodrive was telling and showing me how to change from 1st gear to 4th and then from 4th to 1st. At the end of the lesson Robodrive let me drive home! A1 teacher, definitely worth the money! 


25 nov 2015

Great for learner drivers

If you have never driven before, tony is your man. You will learn to drive quicker with the Robodrive system than with anyone else. If you are already an experienced driver or have had a few lessons before, then he will teach you how to drive properly. Its a no brainer really.                                                    

30 oct 2015

Best frist lessons ever

I've tried to learn to drive with other company and robo drive is the best company to go with its a total mew way of learning to drive and easiest and cheapest way I can only say it was an amazing and in lightening experience I would definitely recommend taking a lesson with robo drive and you will never look back amazing                                                                                                                                          

POPPY 23  

24 aug 2015

Robo drive

having had 6 hours of lessons using this method of teaching I can safely say that it should be the only way. It is absolutely fail safe when it comes to the test because it is all so finely tuned. In the past I have had two other instructors where i've found that the instruction is unclear and you're never quite sure if everything your doing is completely correct. Robo drive is the opposite of this as the instruction is crystal clear and so broken down that everything about driving becomes a very specific routine, literally as if you were a robot. (Robots do not get distracted and do not make any errors in what they are doing.) in fact, these routines become so embedded into your brain that you dont even think about them, you're muscle memory is doing the driving. this makes for a panic free driving test. In my opinion, having tried other methods and spending a lot of money, Robo drive should be the only way of learning how to drive. After all, if we all drove like we were robots the roads in britain would be a lot safer!



15 jun 2015  

I am 26 years old and have never had a lesson before in my life. I was shocked by how much I achieved in only 2 hours. Tony simplified everything! By the end of the 2 hours, I was on main roads driving home!! I look forward to my next lesson...A*!! Brilliant!

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